Universal FTP Server – Privacy Policy

Updated on: April 18, 2023

The contents below are the privacy policy of the Universal FTP Server app (version 1.6.0). Other version of the app may have a different privacy policy and is shown inside the app.

Before you start using this app, please understand how this app collects and use your personal information.

Collected personal information and their usage

  1. The files inside the “root directory” you specified in the app, to allow clients to access through the FTP server you set up in this app.
  2. Your IP addresses, to show the URL of the FTP server you set up in this app.
  3. The “user name” and “password” you input into this app, for authenticating the clients of the FTP server you set up in this app.

The process of the collected personal information

All the collected personal information will only be processed in this app on the device that runs this app, or accessed by a client from network with the credentials you set in this app.

Updates of this policy

This policy may update when the app updates. The updated version of this policy will be shown on startup of the app.